The Tea on the Matcha Trend

No doubt you’ve seen this lovely green drink on the move no matter where you are in the world. We’re here to talk about the health benefits of matcha, how to consume it and how these delicious greens can change your life and incorporate natural yet sustained energy in your fitness routine. 

What the heck is matcha?

Matcha is a green powder made from ground tea leaves. Although similar to your average green tea, matcha is a more potent, powerful tasting tea with a glorious green coloring. Its roots trace back to ceremonial celebrations of Japanese and Chinese monks- but whether you’re grounding up your matcha at home to bake into your favorite dessert, buying a matcha latte at your local wateringhole, or ingesting it via your Aila's Get Going Natural Pre-Workout Alternative prior to your next workout, it (pretty much) tastes the same and follows through on delivering a jitter free energy boost. 

What are the health benefits of matcha?

Similarly to green tea, matcha provides energy and antioxidants that support your holistic health and can even make your workout more productive.The relaxed energy that stems from matcha is due to L-thenanine (an amino acid) which is linked to stimulated brain function, a reduction in anxiety and improved focus and attention to sustain you, come what may. That’s what makes matcha the ideal ingredient included in natural, energy boosting supplements and pre-workout alternatives as it delivers increased energy in a healthy manner. 

Matcha’s distinct taste allows consumers to forego sugar and dairy products if they please for a healthier yet complementary flavor substitute. For example, Aila’s Get Going Natural Pre-Workout alternative includes beetroot, spirulina and bee pollen that boast added health benefits such as better athletic performance, antiinflammatory advantages and improved recovery.

How do I incorporate matcha into my day?

Matcha is a versatile ingredient despite its standout and distinctive coloring and taste. Whether it’s matcha brownies or pastries, matcha cafe drinks or incorporating matcha in your favorite natural pre workout, feel free to get creative with the way you ingest your matcha for that jitter free, long lasting energy. Start your day with matcha instead of coffee, or if that’s too daring, use matcha as an afternoon “pick me up” before a workout to help you finish your day off strong. Bake it into your next dessert and avoid the well known sugar crash that comes after eating sweets. Get creative and enjoy those matcha benefits- the trendiest and one of the healthiest ways to get your energy, especially prior to a workout.

Be bold like matcha- add the Get Going Natural Pre-workout to your fitness routine

It’s not uncommon to need that extra boost before exercising your body. That’s why Aila’s bestselling energy pouch includes matcha as a key ingredient to get your body moving, grooving and setting PRs. Matcha is also known to be mood-boosting- so you can smile through your next workout with ease.

The Get Going Pre Workout Pack Ingredients- Including Matcha

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