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"I noticed a tangible difference in my morning workout with Aila. I experienced an increase in performance and also felt focused for the rest of the day as well...

Aila provides sustained energy without a crash. The best part is the intentional ingredient list and that it is directly created with women in mind."

- Krista (@ComposedNutrition)
Integrative Dietitian & Certified Health Coach

real people saying nice things


Love love LOVE this product!

A packet of aila gives you tons of energy all day long, way beyond just your workout. it also makes me less jittery than coffee and there are so many delicious ways to drink it.

For a quick fix, I just add it to my water bottle, but sometimes, I like to make it like a hot matcha and add some lemon and ginger, or use it as an ingredient in a superfood smoothie. Next Aila kitchen experiment—baking!

- Caitlin
Flywheel Instructor

real people saying nice things


Aila gives me the perfect energy boost I need for my morning and after work workouts.

It tastes great and I love that each package is one serving size, which makes it so easy and quick to make (especially when you're running late to class)!

I usually just add it to my water bottle and drink it cold, but last week I had a sore throat and decided to heat it up before my workout and my cold went away and I killed it at Rumble!

real people saying nice things


Love this product! So easy to carry the small packet around in my bag and mix into my water while on the go. For those early AMs, aila immediately gives the energy and mindset I need to get through my workout instead of coffee or other supplements. Always happy to support women entrepreneurs as well!

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