Our Story

Our Mission

In an industry that is often positioned to “fix”, Aila was created to empower and embolden women through an active lifestyle. Today, women are running companies while simultaneously running households. While accomplishing more and busier than ever, it can be challenging to find the time, let alone the energy, for our health and fitness.

At Aila, we focus on energy and recovery, because we believe in the power of the in-between moments that push you through. Our blends are formulated with natural superfoods and plant-based ingredients, and labels you can trust. 

Our Founder

I'm Katie, the Founder & CEO of aila. I love spinning, running, boxing, yoga-ing, you name it - but with building a startup, being a fitness instructor myself, and not to mention maintaining some semblance of a social life, waking up for a 7AM HIIT class can be tough sometimes. For me, it’s crucial to be ready to sweat, if even just to balance out yesterday’s happy hour.

I used to fuel my workouts with coffee, but I hated the crash and inconsistency of energy through the day. I also tried some pre-workout supplements, but I am NOT about the skin tingles, and I couldn't find anything that didn't give me a stomach ache. so, I created aila to provide natural blends for energizing better. No metallic logo, no “explode” in the name, and no novel of an ingredient label.