Aila Pouch Vs. Packets- How to Choose Which One Is Right for You!

It’s nearly impossible to pick favorites when it comes to choosing between the Aila pouch vs packets, but we’ll try our very best to make it easier for you. We’ve laid out the facts, features and customer reviews for each packaging option, and if you still can’t decide, this is your sign to try out both!

The Aila Pouch

The Facts:

  • $39 (our most economical option)

  • Resealable pouch to preserve Aila powder in between uses

  • Customize your serving size, e.g. if you’re new to pre-workout and want to start small with ½ serving or if you’re sensitive to caffeine

  • Subscribe to monthly purchases and save 20%

This Packaging is Fit for You If:

  • You’re new to pre-workout

  • You’re looking for the best deal ($1.63 per serving size)

  • You’re worried you’ll lose our individualized packets in the back seat of your car

Here’s Why Our Customers Love It:

For a quick fix I just add it to my water bottle, but sometimes I like to make it like a hot matcha and add some lemon and ginger, or use it as an ingredient in a superfood smoothie. Next Aila kitchen experiment - baking!” -Caitlin

“Been having this over ice in the morning as a coffee replacement and it’s wonderful. Great taste, cheaper than the morning coffee run and gives me the pep and focus I need in the AM.” - Jon S

The Aila Packets

The Facts:

  • Individual packaging perfect for traveling or to keep in your gym bag

  • Don’t worry about portioning out your serving size- it’s all done for you with our individualized packets

  • Subscribe to monthly purchases and save 20%

This Packaging is Fit for You If:

  • You like the convenience of individual packets and prefer not to measure out each serving size on your own

  • You’re always on the move

  • You’re torn about which flavor to order and want to try our Sampler (only available in packets)

Here’s Why Our Customers Love It:

I love the cute little packets it comes in that you can throw in your purse or gym bag!” -Stephanie A

“An added bonus is that they come in individual packets that are easy to take with me on the go.” -Mary Ann T

“So easy to carry the small packet around in my bag and mix into my water while on the go.” - Kelsey L

“It tastes great and I love that each package is one serving size, which makes it so easy and quick to make (especially when you're running late to class)!” -Annie G

You Can’t Go Wrong With Aila

No matter what packaging you try, it won’t be your last dose of Aila. We want to hear from you which packaging you tried and why! Shop Now for better, cleaner energy and 10% off your first order. Did we mention free shipping for all orders over $30?

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