Supplement Your Virtual Workouts

So the free live classes on Instagram are great, but maybe your home workouts are starting to lose their luster a bit. We might be biased, but here are a few reasons we believe in supplementing your virtual workouts, more now than ever. 

1. Too much coffee

You may find you're drinking way more coffee than normal lately, either to get more work done, or simply because you can. Try subbing a cup for a packet of Aila before your workout, or even just before that 3PM Zoom meeting. Our Matcha Energy product is formulated with moderate caffeine levels between 80-90 MG per serving. Paired with key vitamins and superfoods, our formula provides a sustained calm and focus through your workout and into your day, without the caffeine crash making it the best pre workout supplement for women.

2. Shifts in diet

Due to changes in eating habits or lack of sunlight, you may be experiencing vitamin deficiencies and not even know it. Supplementation of vitamins and nutrients is a great, convenient way to add back what your body is lacking, if you find yourself reaching for those greens a little less lately. 

3. Lower intensity workouts

Feel like your home workouts aren't making you sweat? For some reason the living room doesn't bring the intensity quite like the Red Room at Barry's. Matcha green tea can naturally increase your body's heat production for both cardio and resistance training, which in turn signals your body to burn more calories - specifically fat.

4. Everyday is happy hour

6PM (or earlier?) just hits different lately, and that's okay. Luckily, matcha is a natural detoxifier, and a great quick cleanse option for the body. Chlorophyll, found in both matcha and spirulina, also helps to eliminate chemicals and toxins, providing a full body reset. Bye bye juice cleanse.

5. Getting the blood flowing

Amidst quarantine, chances are you're a bit more stagnant than usual. Beetroot powder is a nitrate-rich superfood that can promote healthy blood flow. Allowing oxygen to pass more easily to your muscles can also mean lower blood pressure and less fatigue, allowing you to push through that workout longer than you expected!


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