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I’ve spoken to many women who drink coffee before their workouts. This used to be me as well. I've experimented with pre-workout supplements, but didn't like the high amount of stimulants and caffeine, or the itchy feeling you get that comes from beta-alanine (an amino acid used to reduce the acid build up in your muscles) included in most formulas. Plus, a lot of them look like jet fuel. I wanted to create a better way to energize, whether it be for your workout or for your day. In this blog, I break down some ingredients included in Aila that make it a better alternative to coffee or pre-workout for women.


Coffee Replacement

We all know that caffeine in coffee is an energy-boosting ingredient. At Aila, we lean into matcha for our boost. With only 80-90 MG per serving of caffeine, our Matcha Superfood Blend is a more comfortable option for those who are caffeine sensitive. 


Matcha itself also contains L-Theanine coupled with it’s caffeine. With the presence of L-Theanine, you’re more likely to experience a sustained, calm yet focused energy, vs. the peaks and crashes you can experience with caffeine from coffee or energy drinks. 

Lastly, we couple our caffeine with B Vitamins, support improved cognitive focus and overall mood. No crashes here!

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Matcha Pre Workout

What is pre-workout exactly? Generally speaking, pre-workout formulas come in powdered form, that is taken before physical activity or a workout to increase overall energy and performance.  Ingredients included in these supplements can help increase strength, endurance, and stamina.  However, they are often high in caffeine - some coming in at over 250 MG per serving. Other ingredients added like beta-alanine for muscle endurance can often deliver an unpleasant tingly feeling in your skin upon consumption. And did we mention MOST pre-workout labels come with a warning on the back to not consume regularly for longer than three weeks!? Why buy a product you need to stop using after a certain time? Aila's Matcha Superfood Blend makes a great pre-workout boost, without all the risk. In addition to matcha, here are some of the benefits of the superfoods and vitamins in our blend for your workout: 

Bee Pollen Benefits

Can help reduce inflammation for better recovery as well as support a healthy metabolism

Beetroot Benefits

Can strengthen endurance and blood flow, allowing you to move longer

B Vitamins Benefits

Can help optimize focus (great if you are working out at home, and looking to fight off distractions!)

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