matcha energy


not your boyfriend's pre-workout supplement. pour into 8-10z of water, shake, and get moving! 

for a month's supply, we suggest:
8 packets for 1-2 workouts/week
16 packets for 3-4 workouts/week
24 packets for 5-6 workouts/week  


matcha green tea: boosts metabolism, burns calories, detoxifies
bee pollen: boosts immune system and reduces inflammation
beet root powder: high in nitrates, allowing oxyen to pass more easily to muscles, helping to lower blood pressure and curb fatigue
spirulina: antioxidant superfood, said to help lower cholesterol
vitamin B6: supports brain function and mood improvement
vitamin B12: supports central nervous system and memory
biotin: go-to beauty vitamin for improving hair, skin and nails
stevia extract: natural sweetener supporting weight loss
purcaf®: clean caffeine - organic, nonGMO, GRAS

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