The Best Supplement For Endurance Athletes

Endurance athletes love to push their bodies to the limit and are constantly in search of ways to improve their energy, focus, performance, and recovery, often through superfood supplements and healthy eating. These are some of the reasons why we made Aila superfood pre-workout supplements. We wanted to provide an all-natural solution for endurance athletes that works and doesn’t cause jitters or a crash. 

Our organic pre-workout powders are an alternative drink for athletes who are looking for all of the benefits a pre-workout powder can provide but wanting something more natural and plant based. Aila's superfood supplements use purely organic ingredients to help fuel athletes' bodies with clean energy and athletic performance. It's time to ditch the chemicals and give our green powders a try.

Benefits Of A Superfood Pre-Workout Powder

Working out can be hard on our muscles, whether you are doing HIIT for weight loss or trying an endurance exercise as a new form of cardio. With some forms of exercise being more damaging than others, recovery at the end of the day is just as important for everyone. Unfortunately, many athletes or new beginners neglect muscle recovery and cell regeneration, risking injury and being constantly sore, or even feeling sluggish. The best supplement for endurance athletes improves an athlete's endurance, boosts energy, and speeds up recovery, naturally. 


Athletes are constantly looking for ways to increase their endurance and push themselves a bit further. This is why finding a superfood pre-workout supplement that boosts endurance can be so exciting. Aila's superfood supplements do just that.

Spirulina in Aila's Energy + Focus Superfood Supplement Blend has been studied and shown to improve the endurance of athletes. Spirulina helps increase the time it takes for the athlete to become fatigued during a workout. Spirulina helped to increase performance, fat oxidation, and glutathione concentration. 


All of the B vitamins in Aila's superfood pre-workout powders help boost a person's energy levels. Vitamin B12 aids our body in converting food and fat into energy, while vitamin B6 promotes mental clarity and regulates our mood. Biotin (vitamin B7) converts nutrients into fuel by metabolizing carbs and amino acids into glucose. Last but not least, B family member bee pollen boosts our energy levels naturally by containing 22 essential amino acids that are absorbed and used for energy.

Matcha green tea and organic caffeine also boost our energy levels with their natural levels of caffeine. Our organic pre-workout powders only contain 90 mg of caffeine to avoid that caffeine crash while still providing you with a jolt of energy. It also helps us prevent caffeine withdrawals and headaches.


There is a reason why you are so sore the day after an intense workout. Exercising puts a lot of stress on your muscle fibers and skeletal system. During the recovery phase, your muscle fibers are rebuilding, fluids are restoring, and protein gets dispersed through the muscles for growth.

While a lot is going on in our bodies during the recovery phase, it can be frustrating to be so sore. Thanks to its long list of superfood supplements, Aila's organic pre-workouts help aid the body with recovery.

Spirulina for athletes is an excellent ingredient for muscle recovery and cell repair, and regeneration. Spirulina can speed up muscle recovery as well as increase muscle strength. Spirulina can do this thanks to its high level of iron. Iron helps hemoglobin remove carbon dioxide from cells, allowing more oxygen to enter, speeding up the recovery process. 

The Best Superfood Pre-Workouts For Athletes

While our superfood supplement blends and organic pre-workout powders are not made only for athletes, they offer undeniable benefits for those looking to boost their endurance. These benefits rival protein powders, and we would argue they are way better than protein shakes for our body and mind!

Marathon runners, CrossFit athletes, HIIT lovers, and yogis all need a way to increase their energy levels, endurance, and muscle recovery to push themselves to that next level. By adding an organic pre-workout superfood supplement, like the ones we offer at Aila, could be offering you just what you've been looking for to push yourself while treating your body with love and kindness.

At Aila, we love putting our customer's health first and are proud to offer clean, organic pre-workout alternatives that don't cause a midday energy slump. Our ingredients are hard at work while focusing on the things you enjoy.

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