4 Popular Ways to Enjoy Matcha Powder

There are few food products with as storied a history as matcha powder. The first matcha blends were created over 1000 years ago in China, as a way to help preserve the tea for later consumption. Japanese monks clued into the health benefits of the matcha superfood, and this green powder became a staple of Japanese tea. In the modern era, matcha found its way into products all over Japan, and then across the world. 

This popularity isn’t surprising, given the impressive health benefits of matcha. The best thing about matcha is that it’s not difficult at all to integrate it easily into your diet. This piece will cover some of the most popular ways people get matcha powder into their food. 

Hot Matcha Latte

Coffee boosts our mental energy, matcha blends boost our mental energy - is there any more natural combination out there? Making a Hot Matcha Latte can be as complicated or as simple as you like - all it really needs is some matcha powder, water, milk, and one of those very neat matcha whisks.

A hot matcha latte is a great way to start your day with a boost of energy. It’s an easy beverage to add a dash of an energy powder mix to, and give you an even better morning surge. 

Matcha Iced Coffee

Sometimes it’s not the right temperature for a hot drink - as these record hot summers prove. Thankfully, you can easily make yourself a matcha iced coffee instead. This uses pretty much all the same ingredients and just needs some time chilling to get right.

Just like with a Hot Matcha Latte, it’s easy to add in your green superfood blend of choice to a matcha iced coffee. This beverage is great to have any time of the day as a quick (and tasty) “pick me up”. 

Matcha Ice Cream

Looking for a sweet treat? There’s a reason that matcha powder ice cream has become so popular around the world. What’s really surprising about this matcha powder recipe is how easy it is to make compared to many other ice cream recipes. If you’re looking for a way to get matcha superfood into your diet, this is a fun and tasty option (You can even make it sugar free!). 

Matcha Smoothie 

When it comes to getting your matcha blend on the go, there are few better options than a matcha powder smoothie. One of the best things about a matcha superfood smoothie is the amount of flexibility you have in making it just the way you want it, with tons of recipes out there to enjoy. 

Matcha Smoothies are also one of our favorite ways to enjoy our own super green superfood blend. Just blend in our energy power mix with your favorite matcha powder smoothie and you’ll have an easily portable energy booster

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