Health Tips When Traveling During The Holidays

Traveling has drastically changed in the last 2 years, since we have faced a global pandemic. Many of us have not been able to do much traveling over the last couple of years whether it’s in our own countries or internationally. However, this year, in 2021 you might be lucky enough to go on a winter getaway,  head home across states to spend the holidays with loved ones, or enjoy a warm New Years Eve vacation abroad. If this is the case then we want to help you stay the healthiest you can while traveling and make sure you’re equipped with a natural energy booster during your travels. Even before Covid-19, traveling, whether it be long distance driving or catching a connecting flight can be exhausting and risky to our health and immunity. Here are some top health tips if you’re traveling this holiday season.

Boost Your Immune System

No matter how you choose to travel, it’s important to boost your immune system so it is ready to fight off any germs that cross your path. Aila’s immunity supplements are perfect to enjoy before you get on any planes, trains, and/or Ubers (which are all full of germs). All of Aila’s superfood powders are immune supplements but our Energy + Immunity Support blend was made to give your body that extra boost it needs.

When our body senses foreign invaders such as toxins and free radicals it jumps into defense mode. This is usually due to some internal inflammation. Superfoods help reduce this inflammation, allowing our immune system to stay healthy. Superfoods are able to reduce inflammation due to their high levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 

Superfoods promote heart health, fight off diseases and even promote weight loss. 

Pack Your Energy 

Traveling is a lot more exhausting than many of us remember. This is why you need to pack Aila’s green superfood powder with you wherever you go. Our green superfood powder, Energy + Focus, comes in travel-sized pouches that make it perfect for travel. Just slide these pouches into your purse or the pockets of your luggage. You can easily mix them with water or milk for a quick burst of energy on the go.

Aila’s green superfood powder is matcha flavored. Matcha is a natural energy booster that comes with all sorts of additional benefits. Matcha contains roughly 35 mg of caffeine per half teaspoon. Get the jolt of caffeine you need, without the late-afternoon caffeine crash. 

Matcha is known to be one of the best, natural energy boosters out there which is why we made it such a vital ingredient in our green superfood powder. Matcha can help us:

  • Improve attention space
  • Speed up reaction time
  • Improve our memory

This is because of the amount of caffeine naturally found in matcha. Aila’s green superfood supplement is the perfect boost of energy you need without the caffeine crash that comes with coffee. 

Our green superfood powder is a natural energy booster to help you maintain your alertness while traveling. If you’re looking to sleep on the plane or train you can pack a travel pouch of Aila’s green superfood powder to enjoy after the flight. I don’t know about you but I get exhausted after traveling. If I take Aila’s matcha flavored green superfood powder after I travel it gives me the jolt I need to enjoy my holiday the minute I arrive.

Matcha is what makes Aila’s green superfood supplement such a great natural energy booster.

Maintain Your Health Through The Holidays

The holidays are not exactly known for being a healthy time of the year. Holiday parties and visiting with family usually come with more alcohol consumption than usual. It also means big family meals and loads of sweet treats. If you’re looking to stay on top of your nutrition during the holiday season then incorporate Aila’s green superfood powder and the immunity supplements into your daily routine.

Starting your day off with the nutrients your body needs is the best way to ensure that any holiday indulging doesn’t negatively impact your health. Packing some of Aila’s green superfood powders and/or immunity supplements with you helps to keep you on the right track all holiday season. Packing natural energy booster supplements with you on a trip also comes in handy when you arrive at a destination and can’t find a coffee shop close by, but are in desperate need of that energy boost!

Our travel packets make for great Christmas stocking stuffers. Our bundle packages also make for a very thoughtful gift to give a loved one, friend, or coworker. Shop our products now!

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