What Even is Organic Caffeine?

What’s organic caffeine, and why should you care about it when it comes to sourcing all natural pre-workout alternatives? Keep reading to find out!

Organic Vs Synthetic Caffeine

“Organic” products are grown without pesticides or GMOs, and the same goes for organic caffeine leaves and plants. The majority of pre-workout products available off the shelf today contain synthetic caffeine, which is made in a lab using chemical compounds rather than extracted from a plant.  

Being selective about your sources of energy is an often overlooked aspect of health and wellness. The effects of organic vs synthetic caffeine are similar when it comes to our own perception, but synthetic caffeine is disastrous for your health overtime, and most consumers don’t even realize they’re ingesting it. Synthetic caffeine is a key ingredient in most pre-workout and popular energy drinks, and is packed with harmful chemicals like urea- a chemical that is often found in animal urine. Yes, seriously- and it was even once banned by the FDA in 2010, yet it’s still a common ingredient in synthetic caffeine.

Now that We Have Your Attention- How to Switch to Organic and Natural Caffeine

Organic, all natural energy is harvested from plants- which is the safest way to ingest your caffeine. There are only a few products on the market right now that are truly sourcing all natural caffeine in their products at a reasonable price, and Aila is one of them. How do you know whether or not your current pre-workout supplement contains harmful synthetic compounds? Do your research and read your labels- and only purchase all natural pre-workout alternatives to give your body the natural boost that it deserves. 

If your pre-workout is sold over the counter, make sure it is third-party tested, otherwise it could contain dangerous compounds like the ones described above. Switching to an all natural pre-workout takes the policing out of shopping for your pre-workout supplements, and delivers a more balanced and healthy energy alternative. Aila is third-party tested and made in a GMP registered facility. It’s also only 10 calories, while lab-made synthetic caffeine energy drinks tend to be high in sugar, preservatives and caloric intake.

The Results from All Natural Pre-Workout

Not only is natural pre-workout leaps and bounds better for your body and health, but it delivers fitness results that you care about. Our customers report feeling less jittery than traditional pre-workout, logging better workouts and enjoying added beauty benefits that come from our all natural and plant-based ingredients. All natural pre-workout is safe for consistent use, while traditional synthetic pre-workout often contains scary warning labels and limitations associated with repeat consumption. 

Meet Aila

Aila is our natural solution to the synthetic caffeine problem. Our product is proven to safely drive the results you care about. Shop Aila now for 10% off your first order, and free shipping over $40. Switching from synthetic to natural? We want to hear from you! Keep in touch on social or send us a message at meetaila.com.

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