New To Natural Pre-Workout? Here Are 7 Things To Know (And Why It’s Better Than Traditional Pre-Workout)

Natural pre-workout supplements can help increase energy, focus, strength, and stamina - and overall, help you achieve your fitness goals in a healthy, sustainable manner. An energy boost is, of course, necessary, but a natural pre-workout supplement that works will have much more than a caffeine buzz.

The reason we now have natural pre-workout supplements is partially due to some ingredients found in traditional pre-workout that do not provide any benefit, or worse, are in fact harmful to our health. Natural pre-workout supplements include other nutrients that are beneficial that your overall health. Many fitness enthusiasts and athletes are opting for natural pre-workout supplements that are safer, and that better align with their overall health goals and diet preferences.

Resources on natural pre-workout can be pretty limited and vague at times, which is why Aila is here to help you find the right supplements to boost your next workout, in a healthy and efficient way. If you’re nervous about altering your well-oiled fitness routine, take a deep breath. Natural pre-workout supplements will enhance your life and wellness. See below our top must-knows!

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1. Natural pre-workout is a much healthier alternative to traditional pre-workout supplements

    Natural pre-workout foregoes controversial ingredients that increase blood pressure, reduce kidney function and negatively impact your sleep cycle. Other common short-term side effects might include nausea, headache, or skin irritation. Natural pre-workout will leave you with all the pros of pre-workout (increased energy, more productive workout) and none of the cons (upset stomach, bloating, rash).


    2. Enjoy your pre-workout supplement by combining it with your favorite smoothie or shake, or mixing it with water

      Although you can technically consume pre-workout supplements on their own, you may also enjoy them in a smoothie or shake, helping you consume the product faster and get on your way to crush your workout. Once you nail down your preferred pre-workout concoction, it will taste both good and refreshing. We have plenty of suggestions for a natural pre-workout that tastes as good as it looks. Aila’s Energy and Focus has a delicious green taste, while the Immune Blend is fruity with a hint of peach.

      3. Natural pre-workout may reduce unintended side effects of traditional pre-workout, including jitters, anxiety, stomach upset, bloating, and gut irritation

        Because pre-workout is meant to stimulate, it can sometimes lead to nervousness or unwanted jitters. An increased heart rate might mimic the feeling of anxiety or panic. Natural pre-workout supplements, such as Aila, are formulated without additives or artificial sweeteners like aspartame, sucralose and saccharin, which can cause gut irritation, bloating, and stomach upset, as reflected in this study Ingredients such as matcha green tea, naturally contain an amino acid called l-theanine in it's tea leaves, which is know for its calming effects of anxiety, stress or jitters. Natural pre-workout keeps you physically, and mentally, workout ready, without worry about side effects.

        4. Natural pre-workout ingredients can help with endurance and stamina

        If you see beetroot powder or spirulina powder on the label of your natural pre-workout, they are there for good reasons. Results from this study on beetroot reflected that given as a single dose or over a few days, it may improve performance at intermittent, high-intensity efforts with short rest periods. Spirulina is an ingredient that has also been studied for it’s beneficial effects on endurance, and this study in particular, the runners found that time to fatigue after the 2-h run was significantly longer after spirulina supplementation. You can learn more about the endurance benefits of spirulina here.


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        5. You might consume it 30-60 minutes “pre-workout”, but it actually also aids in workout recovery

        Pre-workout aids in muscle fatigue, enabling you to hit the gym more frequently with less soreness. Natural pre-workout supplements help you to exercise smarter, not harder by increasing blood flow and oxygen throughout the body, which speeds up recovery time. Pair your pre-workout with a post-workout full-body stretch and you’ll be ready to train like a champ. Bee pollen, an ingredient often found in natural pre-workout and other active nutrition supplements, can also benefit exercise recovery. In this limited study, bee pollen showed to improve muscle protein and energy metabolism

        6. Natural pre-workout can be low caffeine

        Natural caffeine, in lower amounts (<150mg), is often found in natural pre-workout. As shown in this study, excess caffeine consumption is increasingly being recognized by healthcare professionals as potentially harmful.  If you are sensitive to caffeine, you would likely benefit from a low-caffeine pre-workout, or a caffeine-free pre-workout. Aila’s superfood pre-workouts contain only 90mg of organic caffeine - which is naturally derived from green tea and not synthetic - a great option for someone who is caffeine sensitive. 

        7. Natural pre-workout is a better alternative for active people with allergies and dietary restrictions.

        Many natural pre-workouts made from superfoods are gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan. Traditional pre-workout is nowhere near as advanced as the rest of the food and supplement industry regarding clean, organic, or sustainable products. That’s why Aila, and natural pre-workout options, are the best option for those with food or allergy sensitivities. Aila sources all of our plant-based, natural ingredients locally within the US, manufactures in a GMP-registered facility, and all products are third party tested for microbials and heavy metals. We choose to supply our own ingredients because it allows us a one to one relationship with our suppliers, giving us complete oversight and transparency into the ingredients put into our formulas. 

        Have more questions about natural pre-workout? Don’t be shy. Shoot us a message, a DM on our Instagram or check out our FAQs to learn more. A healthy workout is a good workout- what are you waiting for? Meet Aila. 




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