Why Recovery Days Are Important

When working out or keeping up with an active lifestyle, rest is equally important as hitting your personal results. Whether you take a full recovery day or an active recovery day (walking, stretching, yoga) it is important to take these days for your body to recover, and to enjoy some self-care. This piece will explain how to get the most out of your rest days, and the benefits of superfood supplements in keeping you rested and healthy. 

Why Rest Days Matter

Working out makes you stronger, right? So why should you ever take time on rest days? Understanding rest days involves understanding the science behind working out. To put it simply, extreme exercise will damage your muscles. Of course, this damage isn’t permanent - when it heals, your muscles are stronger. This is why rest days are so vital. You aren’t “wasting time” on rest days - you’re letting your muscles repair stronger. Plus, going hard all week will leave you burned out or even injured

How to Take a Rest Day 

Taking a rest day is mostly about, well, rest. It’s really that easy! Make sure that you get plenty of sleep - don’t be afraid to take naps on your rest day. The one thing you do need to take some more care of is your diet. The best superfood supplements, for example, will help your body repair itself by providing the minerals and nutrients it needs for mending. 

So what nutrients are important for rest days? Well, that would be a science class on its own! However, what you really want are amino acids and antioxidants. Amino acids are what help build those proteins that help repair your muscles during rest days.

The health benefits of antioxidants will help prevent further damage and inflammation the next time you workout - preparing your body for when you’re next active. The need for these nutrients are why one of the most popular benefits of superfood supplements is for the purpose of rest day recovery. 

Boost Your Rest Days with Aila

Aila has designed its Energy + Immune Superfood Blend as one of the best natural energy supplements. When it comes to the best superfood supplements & superfood powders for rest days, there are few better.

All of the ingredients in this product are full of great nutritional benefits. When it comes to antioxidants, this product is one of the best superfood supplements - the bee pollen, organic caffeine, turmeric, and anything that’s leafy green are all full of the good stuff. 

Turmeric is the key part of this product - it has proteins and amino acids, and is great at boosting your immune system. Biotin is also found in this superfood supplement and is great for helping your body break down the food you eat during your rest day and turn it into nutritional power. Plus with the peach and monk fruit, this is one of the best superfood supplements when it comes to taste and helping your energy levels in case you want to go for a long walk or attend a yoga flow class. If you do opt for an active recovery day make sure it is mostly based around stretching and moving around any lactic acid build up your muscles may have. 

Remember, if you’re going to work out hard, follow up with resting and letting your muscles recover as well. 

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