How to Start The New Year Right- Getting the Most Out of Your Workouts In 2022

The New Year is synonymous with resolutions, and setting intentions for a better, healthier you. Keep scrolling for tips on how to achieve your fitness and wellness goals this year, make impactful changes and see results. 

Establish a Routine 

Create a workout plan and schedule that is both realistic and attainable. According to the Cleveland Clinic, working out at the same time every day (whether it be morning or night) has respective benefits. Those who exercise in the morning are less likely to skip workouts, sleep more soundly and see more success with weight loss; while night time exercisers are more flexible and have superior aerobic health and improved strength.

Pay attention to when you have the most energy. If you struggle with fatigue or motivation to stick to your workout schedule, try an all natural pre-workout like Aila. Build in rest to your fitness plan to avoid burnout or injury. Treat rest as an integral part of your fitness plan- not a break from your fitness plan. 

Emphasize Holistic Health

Whether you’re looking to cut back on caffeine or run your first 5k this year, focus on holistic health rather than lofty fitness goals. This might include boosting your immunity or vitamin intake- we think our Superfood Supplement Blend is an awesome place to start. 

By focusing on building a holistic lifestyle rather than just a milestone, you’re creating a foundation that sustains healthy living throughout the entire year. This will allow you to maintain the headway made in January and future proof your 2022 progress. Focus on the movement, not the moment. So go ahead and run that 5k, but know that the work doesn’t stop after you cross the finish line. 

Ensure Accountability 

Invest your time, money and energy into building a healthier lifestyle that will propel your progress beyond the beginning of this year. Consider investing in an all natural pre workout or immunity supplement like Aila to get the most out of your workouts and nurture your holistic health.

Other tips include recruiting a workout buddy or like minded friend focused on improving their fitness and wellness. A recent New York Times piece claims accountability “from the outside” is crucial to maintaining “healthy habits”. The article also suggests that if you prefer self-accountability, a daily journal entry, smart watch or phone app that sends daily reminders are strong and effective alternatives.

Embrace Imperfection

Expect to have off days. Don’t be discouraged by failure and be kind to yourself when you skip a workout, eat a cheat meal or revert to old habits. Instead of viewing these occurrences as interruptions to your plan, view them as part of the plan. Remember you can start over at any time- regardless of what the calendar says.

To implement long lasting change that spans beyond the first day of the year, create a routine rooted in wellness and a holistic outlook. Plan your rest and don’t feel deterred when things go wrong. Decide the type of accountability that works for you, and view your fitness goals as the ultimate investment of your time and energy. New year- new habits!

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