Don’t Have Bee Pollen in Your Nutrition Plan? Here’s Why You Should

It’s not just an awful pun to say that there’s a major buzz about bee pollen. While you may feel that bee pollen is just another superfood fad, there are clear benefits of bee pollen, when it’s included as part of a complete nutritional plan. This nutrient powerhouse can increase energy levels, aid the immune system and improve the utilization of other nutrients.

If you’re curious about how and why bee pollen is considered a superfood, looking for ways to incorporate its benefits into a nutrition plan, or how to make a tasty bee pollen smoothie recipe - read on! 

Benefits of Bee Pollen

Bee pollen isn’t just the pollen you find in flowers. Bees are industrious insects, taking the pollen from flowers, packing it into clusters, and putting it under a fermentation process that boosts its nutritional value. This results in an end product that is packed with simple sugars, nutrients, minerals, and fatty acids - one of the best superfood blends out there, made entirely by nature!

The result of all this goodness is that there are a lot of benefits of bee pollen. First and foremost, it is great for your immune system. Bee pollen can help you fight disease, relieve inflammation, and speed up your internal healing process. It’s also great for your overall body health, especially your heart (it’s a great antioxidant) and your liver. All this goodness is also great for reducing stress and providing energy.

Bee Pollen In Your Nutrition Plan

So bee pollen sounds great… but how do you put it into your nutritional plan? It’s not always readily available at grocery stores and isn’t exactly food on its own. Thankfully, if you can get some bee pollen, there are plenty of ways to get the benefits of bee pollen into your diet. 

The easiest way to get bee pollen into your diet is by looking at some of the best superfood blends and supplements on the market. Bee pollen is showing up in more and more of these products in your local grocery stores or online supplement stores, which helps you add bee pollen more directly into your diet. Bee pollen can also make a great topping for cereals and oats, or in yogurt as well. 

Another great way to get the benefits of bee pollen into your diet is through delicious bee pollen smoothies, of which there are plenty of great recipes online. 

Bee Pollen Smoothies

If you’re looking for some bee pollen smoothie recipes, look no further. The best part about bee pollen smoothies is that they are easy adaptations to existing smoothie recipes. This recipe, for example, from The Hungry Bites, uses an orange and mango base. This version provided by Best Health magazine uses strawberry, peach, zucchini, and spinach. Meanwhile, this super green version by Vegukate includes avocado and banana. 

Looking For Bee Pollen in Your Superfood Blends?

If you want one of the best superfood blends to include bee pollen, then look no further. Our Matcha + Superfood Energy drink blend includes bee pollen, along with other great superfoods, including, of course, matcha green tea. This blend will keep you energized throughout the whole day without any jitters, and keep you in a great mood as well. 

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