Tired of the Caffeine Crash? Here's How to Avoid It

Tired of the Caffeine Crash? Here's How to Avoid It

Do you crash after drinking coffee? The daily cycle for many coffee drinkers looks like this: drink several cups early on to get wired, then crash later from feeling too tired. But the highs and lows of caffeine consumption don’t have to consume you. This post will take a look at what happens to the body during a caffeine crash, but more importantly, how to avoid them. It will also highlight Aila superfood blends as a natural alternative that boosts energy and focus without a crash. 

What is a caffeine crash? 

A caffeine crash is what usually happens a couple hours after a person has consumed a moderate to high level of caffeine to try and recover from tiredness. After all, if you need to wake up for work at 6 a.m. each day, who wouldn’t feel a bit groggy? In fact, if you are the type to consume a lot of coffee in the morning, then you are more likely the type to experience caffeine crashes. Next thing you know, it’s mid-afternoon and you can barely keep your eyes open!

Caffeine crash symptoms include extreme tiredness, inability to concentrate, irritability and snoozing off. 

So how come caffeine crashes happen? The answer lies in the fact that caffeine blocks a chemical called adenosine in your brain. This is what your brain produces when it is tired, but if you drink some coffee then your brain doesn’t stop producing it. Once the caffeine wears off, adenosine floods your brain, making you sleepy and ready for bed. 

How to Prevent Caffeine Crash

There are a few tips and tricks you can employ to try and avoid your dreaded daily caffeine crash. Here are a few that we’ve rounded up:

Get enough sleep, watch your nutrition and exercise regularly.

Be sure that you are taking care of your health needs, like proper nutrition, exercise and make sure you are also getting enough sleep. All of these contribute to giving you more energy during the day and help you get a more restful sleep so you won’t need to drink as much coffee during the day. 

Try and spread out your coffee consumption.

It can be difficult to do this, but try not to slam down a few cups of coffee as soon as you rise from bed. It’s better to spread your coffee consumption out during the day so it won’t lead to a big crash in the afternoon. Plus, along with being less irritable to everyone around you, being able to drink some good coffee throughout the day will help make your peers like you more. 

Be sure to stay hydrated.

Making sure to drink enough water during the day is important to avoid a caffeine crash, but it’s also important for your health in general. If instead you drank water instead of coffee first thing in the morning, this will help save you in the long run. Drinking enough water helps to also prevent headaches, keeps you healthy and hydrated and is critical to support brain functions.

Try not to drink coffee on an empty stomach. 

Eating healthy food helps give your body a source of natural energy to burn throughout the day. On the other hand, caffeine acts as a temporary source of energy. An absence of real food in your stomach is more likely to cause stomach aches and trips to the bathroom. So, not only will you feel tired, but you can also feel quite sick. You might think you don’t have any time for breakfast, but even some quick oats or a granola bar will do the trick. 

Once you follow these tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to be productive all day long. One more tip is to stick to more natural or organic caffeine or other sources of energy and reduce your overall caffeine intake. Aila superfoods can help you with your nutrition as well as give you the energy boost you are looking for throughout the day without that pesky crash. 

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