Pandemic Fatigue is a thing. Here are tips to shake it.

How to Beat Winter Blues

With the surge in COVID-19 cases throughout the country, anxiety is obviously at an all time high. We're here to say it's perfectly normal to feel burned out right now. We've compiled a list of some of our favorite self-care and wellness tips to help you feel your best, while also staying safe and helping to slow the spread of the virus.

Morning Routine

In a very un-routine time, keeping your days consistent can be extremely helpful in shaking the feelings of COVID chaos. Things as simple as waking up at the same time everyday, eating, exercising and showering at your normal times, and getting fully dressed for the day can help to increase productivity and alleviate anxiety. As human's we innately crave order and structure in our lives. We'll admit we haven't nailed the getting fully dressed yet (thanks to the AMAZING options of loungewear out there), but we're working on it.

Benefits of Natural Light

If you're able to in your apartment or home, set up your work station facing a window with a nice view and ideally some natural light shining on your face. A study conducted by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois concluded that those who were exposed to natural light during their work day actually slept longer and better that night, vs. those who were not exposed to natural light. But remember! Too much of a good thing can also be tricky. Make sure where you position yourself doesn't cause a glare from the sun or reflections from the walls that can make your display screen more difficult to read, or increase squinting. Blue light glasses anyone? 

Feel Joy

Not necessarily talking about becoming Marie Kondo here, but it's important to make sure you're incorporating some joyful, "you time" into your day - especially if your job is a stressful one (who's isn't?) 

Some ideas can be:

  • Cooking a new recipe (for SOME people this is soothing, for others, maybe not so much!)
  • Scheduling an hour to catch up on your favorite book
  • Checking something off your self care list (home manicures anyone?)
  • Having a run around your apartment with your furry friend
  • Purging your closet of old clothes to donate (ok maybe I'm in the minority on this one)

Quit the news

Well, maybe not COMPLETELY. But we hear this a lot, but it's very easy to become wrapped up push notifications and breaking news broadcasts, especially coming off an election weekend. Try turning off any news apps, Twitter, or social media notifications throughout the day. If you can take it one step further, delete Instagram during the week and re-download it on the weekends to catch up on what you missed of sourdough recipes, pumpkin spiced lattes and your cousin's friend's sister's new baby.

Vitamin D

BIG one here. If you're spending less time outside (and you likely are with the winter/COVID combination season among us) it's crucial to make sure you're maintaining healthy nutrient intake. Key vitamins like B, C and D are the best vitamins for seasonal depression and can keep a healthy immune system. Check out our blog here with nutrition coach Amber Trejo to find key vitamins and associated foods to help. Poor nutrition can make you more susceptible to infection!

What's more, a recent medical journal suggested that Vitamin B not only helps to build and maintain a healthy immune system, but it could potentially prevent or reduce COVID-19 symptoms themselves!

Positive Affirmations

Fear and anxiety causing your mind to leap to the worst case scenario? Now more than ever, it's very easy to let your mind be taken over by "what if' thoughts. As a remedy, try to you catch negative thoughts making their way into your mind around things that COULD happen. When you feel them coming on, shift your focus to the steps you're taking that are within your control to prevent that particular outcome, or even steps you would take should it happen. This exercise helps to gives your mind resolve, and loosen unnecessary fear. 

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