How to Stay Active in Winter

The quarantine workout plan

Summer is over and September is here (uhh, what was that?!) As the colder weather arrives, we all experience moments (or days!) of reduced motivation to move our bodies and stay active.

While there is no secret pill (although we do have a great formula for energy...) we've compiled some of our favorite hacks to overcoming the winter fitness blues that tap into excitement, time saving, and switching it up.

Winter Workout Outfits

Who doesn't love a new first day of school outfit? Heading into winter, treat the new season as if you're starting a new job, new school, etc.

Grab some some new sports bras and leggings from your favorite brands (we're a huge fan of Year Of Ours right now) and tap into that excitement of prepping and dressing for a new routine. This one never fails! 

Morning Routine

Swap out your coffee for healthier, sustaining energy with added nutrients to carry you throughout the rest of your day and feed your body what it needs to feel its best (we've got a great option with our Matcha Superfood Blend, which can be prepared hot or cold!) Aila completely changed my mornings when I was getting up before 5:30AM to walk to the gym in the cold to teach.

The better I feel in the morning, the more positive my outlook is for the day ahead and the more I'm able to tackle. If you can keep that streak going, you're golden!

P.S. set out your fuel of choice the night before to cut down on time and to have something warm to drink first thing (if you wake up freezing like me.) 

Best Time To Workout

If the mornings are feeling dark and dreary, push your 'active' time to later in the day as a nice break from whatever your grind may be. It's a great thing to change up your workout times every so often anyway - so your body doesn't adapt TOO much to your workout. 

Fitness Routine At Home

Current routine is getting stale? Test out something new that you'll start to look forward to. It could be a new trainer, or a new app. We're hooked on the Peloton app (no bike necessary!) lately because let's be honest, nothing really beats $12 a month.

Mindfulness Meditation

Your mental health has a significant impact on your physical one. The better you feel, the more you will want to do, and ideally the more you do, the better you feel. It's the little wellness circle of life, so to speak.

If you're feeling moments of anxiety, sadness, uncertainty, or just good old loneliness - don't fret - you are surely not alone. Taking a moment to pause a few minutes with some long, deep breaths, can help clear your mind and boost energy levels, making it a lot easier to slip into your workout routine.

If you're looking to kick mindfulness up a notch, then you'll love Liberate - a virtual class that blends physical movement, mindfulness training through meditation and journaling, and community.

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