How To Choose The Right Green Superfood Blend

Green superfood blends can be a great supplement in your diet. It's important however to pick the right superfood blend. Many brands can add harmful ingredients, hidden sweeteners or artificial colors to their superfood blends. 

You also want to pick a blend that includes nutrient-rich superfoods such as beetroot, bee pollen and turmeric. Or maybe look for a blend that's specific to what you want. Maybe you want to be more energized and focused with a green energy powder mix or maybe you want something that's better for your immune system and daily immune support.

Here are our recommendations on how you can choose the best superfood blend for your needs and lifestyle. 

What is a green superfood powder?

To keep it short, a green superfood powder contains many servings of veggies and superfoods in just one scoop of water-soluble powder. In addition to the vegetables and superfoods, the powder can also contain health-supporting ingredients like probiotics and immune-boosting herbs.

Why are greens supplements important?

Going for a whole food diet is a step up to the Standard American Diet, however, there are a few reasons that a healthy diet on its own might still not be able to provide you with enough micronutrients and antioxidants. 

This is because in farming we are starting to experience depleted soil that has fewer minerals and good bacteria, which directly correlates to the quality of the food we produce. As a result, the vegetables in our food supply have less mineral density. 

Another reason is the fact that we no longer eat a wide variety of vegetables like we did back in our hunter-gatherer days. Studies show that for optimal health we should be eating up to 20 different varieties per day! It’s likely that the only way we will be able to hit this target is through the use of superfood supplements and green powders. 

Beware of Harmful Ingredients

There are a lot of options when it comes to greens powders, but not every one of them is created with quality in mind. In general, here are some of the most important things to look out for when choosing a powder.

Avoid hidden sweeteners, gums and artificial colors.

Veggies are good for you. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to make them taste good, especially when they are condensed down into 12 servings in a single scoop. So, in order to make greens powders more palatable, many manufacturers choose to use potentially harmful ingredients, including:

  • Artificial sweeteners;
  • Sugar; 
  • Artificial colors;
  • And non-organic or GMO ingredients. 

Look at the label for these ingredients and avoid powders that contain them.

Harsh Processing

Manufacturing a greens superfood powder is difficult because a lot of vitamins and phytochemicals are sensitive to heat, light and other forms of chemical processing. The vegetables found in greens powder need to have been gently freeze-dried into water-soluble powders to preserve their nutrients. 

Therefore, you will want to be sure that you get your greens powder from a reputable company that understands the proper way to manufacture them so that the nutrients are intact in the final product.

What are the best sources of green powder supplements?

There are a lot of types of greens powder that can come from a wide variety of sources. Each source provides a different nutritional profile. When you’re picking a greens powder supplement for you, it will depend on what you are looking for to fit into your lifestyle. 

These are the three main categories of the best types of green powder supplements:

Marine Sources

Marine algae (water-based) sources of greens will include spirulina, dulse and chlorella. 

These types of greens powders are extremely nutrient-dense and are often recommended for their health benefits. They are a high source of chlorophyll (the ingredient that makes green foods “green”). 

You can find marine powders available by themselves, but they will have a strong algae-like taste, so many people prefer them in blends. 

If you are primarily looking for a nutrient-dense greens powder with a lot of protein content, and you won’t mind a strong taste, then you should pick a marine-based greens powder. 

Grass Sources

Grasses such as alfalfa, barley, wheat, rye and oat have been popular in greens powders for quite some time. 

Greens powders made from grass sources have great nutritional profiles, blend well with other ingredients and will have a more subtle taste compared to algae. If taste is a concern for you, you might want to consider these. 

Fermented Greens Sources

People have been fermenting foods for decades, but in a powdered form they provide a unique, and nutrient-dense powder compared to traditional greens. Fermented foods are rich in good bacteria for the gut and they produce short-chain fatty acids that are beneficial for colon health and immune system health. 

If you are looking for a greens powder that can help with your digestive health, brain health and optimize nutrient absorption then consider grabbing a fermented greens powder.

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