Here’s Why You Should Incorporate The Benefits of Beets Into Your Diet

If you had a mother who told you to “eat your beets”, you should count yourself lucky that you had such a smart parent. Beetroot benefits are many, and the humble beet is a true superfood - one that is sadly often overlooked. 

However, beets haven’t gone overlooked at Aila - we’re well aware of the benefits of beets, and beetroots are a key part of our superfood supplement. This piece will be a quick introduction to the benefits of beats - and how you can work them into your diet.

The Deets on Beets

A superfood is defined as a food that packs a wide variety of vitamins and minerals into a single serving. With such an extensive list of beetroot benefits, it’s pretty safe to place it among the ranks of great superfood supplements and ingredients. The benefits of beets include it being filled with things such as:

  • Fiber
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B9
  • Nitrates
  • Antioxidants 

Each of these vitamins and minerals is important for your overall health. In particular, however, this combination means that the benefits of beets are especially noticeable when it comes to helping improve your blood pressure, heart health, and even kidney stones by giving you long-lasting energy throughout the day. 

Cooking with Beets

Not only are beets great for you (especially for people with heart disease), but they’re also a versatile food that is easy to incorporate into your diet. There are a wealth of ways to cook beets to get those great beetroot benefits. You can easily chop up raw beets for salads. If you’re not a fan of the raw taste, you can also roast them up with a variety of spices. If you want to reduce the obviousness of beets even further, you can always incorporate them into a variety of tasty vitamin b12 rich smoothies. You can even bake sweet treats with beets! (Try saying that five times fast…)

Not a Beet Fan? 

No matter how we cook them, some of us just can’t get over the taste of beets. Maybe it’s from that childhood of having them forced on us in unappetizing forms. Thankfully, you can still get the benefits of beets through the use of fruit and plant based superfood supplements. Beetroots feature in all of Aila’s superfood blends. With Aila, you can get all the benefits of beetroots in our superfood blends, without having to worry about how to prepare them. Just add our superfood supplements into your smoothie of choice, and you’re good to go!

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