Why Pre-Workout for Women

I’ve spoken to many women who are scared of supplements, especially pre-workout, which is a feeling I myself had before founding Aila. This fear and stigma was something I wanted to tackle and overcome by way of a new approach to the product entirely. You yourself may have tried a pre-workout supplement before, or maybe you’ve just heard the name tossed around, but have been too intimidated to try one. That’s fair, considering most of them look like jet fuel. 

In this blog, I break down some ingredients included in pre-workout for women vs. Aila’s approach with our Matcha Energy.

So, what is pre-workout, exactly?

Essentially, pre-workout is a supplement, usually in powdered form, that is taken before physical activity or a workout to increase overall energy and performance.  Ingredients included in these supplements can help increase strength, endurance, and stamina. I personally started searching for a safe and natural pre-workout two years ago before founding Aila. I love to work out almost as much as I love the feeling AFTER a workout, specifically before 8AM. But I’d be lying if I said I was consistently motivated to wake up before the sun.

I saw myself as having two options when it comes to working out in the morning. I could roll out of bed and shlep my way through a 45 minute class OR I could integrate something into my routine to have me awake and ready the second I stepped into the studio, and help me maximize the time. For some, myself included, a morning energy boost is the deciding factor between making it to the gym, or paying $15 to not work out (sorry ClassPass but what gives.)

What Ingredients Can You Find in Pre-Workout for Women


Ah. Well, we all know caffeine is an energy-boosting ingredient. It not only boosts alertness, but can increase endurance and performance, ultimately helping you to burn more calories and build lean muscle.

At Aila, we lean into Matcha. Matcha green tea contains L-Theanine coupled with it’s caffeine. With the presence of L-Theanine, you’re more likely to experience a sustained, calm yet focused energy, vs. the peaks and crashes you can experience with caffeine from coffee or energy drinks.

But why does this matter for pre-workout for women specifically?

Well for one, women tolerate caffeine differently than men - that’s just science.  Caffeine increases cardiac output in women more often than it does in men - which would explain why I spoke with so many women who no longer take pre-workout because it made them too jittery. Our formula contains 80-90MG of caffeine per serving, making it a safer, and frankly better option for those who are caffeine sensitive.

Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine is an amino acid commonly found in pre-workout for women, used to reduce the acid build up in your muscles, so they can perform better, longer. If you’ve tried a formula including this ingredient, then you’ve probably experienced what I myself find as an incredibly unpleasant itchy/tingling feeling in your hands, lips, and sometimes all over your body. 

When it comes to pre-workout for women, we for one just do not require as of much of this ingredient as men, since our total body muscle weight (and muscle mass) is generally less. 

At Aila, we leverage beetroot as a food-based substitute for the itchies. Beetroot contains nitrates, which when converted to nitric oxide, dilate the blood vessels and increase blood flow. More oxygen traveling quickly to our muscles = more time to fatigue. 


While there have been no direct issues from taurine supplements, there have been deaths linked to formulas containing both taurine and caffeine together.

At Aila, we use organic caffeine sources that are GRAS (generally recognized a safe by the FDA) as well as Vitamin B12 and B6 for focus and brain function.

We hope this breakdown was helpful to you! As a brand, we are here to get you there. We believe that progress is made in-between reps, energy levels, sprints, marathons, and the decision to get out of bed in the morning. We build our products to help push you through the in-betweens.

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